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  • ISO 22000 Certificate
  • EU / HACCP Registration
  • Attended Japan Agricultural and Marine products total marketing
  • Attended Indonesia Sales promotion event
  • Participated in Food international exhibition
  • Expanded and transferred the main office
  • Launched “Chamchi 19”, premium healthy tuna jerky
  • Participated in Japan Agricultural and Marine products Export exhibition
  • Developed sauces
  • Opened a business office in Seoul
  • Acquired KSA/ISO 9002 quality certificate Korea Productivity Center Quality Assurance
  • Became part of the consumer distribution market
  • Bio health material research center (PRC Inje University): Joint technology development consortium
  • Entered into the group meal market
  • Built Spray Dryer production lines
  • Develop gift sets
  • Patented 200340923 How to make oligosaccharide that is derived from Chamdashima (DS Lee and 3 others)
  • Started mail order business
  • Patented 200356957 a composite with antiglycosuria feature that includes oligosaccharide derived from barley
  • Patented 2004-0007754 Polysaccharides and oligosaccharide that are extracted from wasong that has anticancer vitality
  • Acquired 2004 Success Design products certificate, Korea Institute of Design Promotion
  • Selected as a superior business design product, Korea Institute of Design Promotion
  • Applied Maddarang, a registered trademark.
  • Developed several seasoned products
  • Changed company name to Daewang Inc.
  • Participated in academic-industrial, joint technology development area consortium business
  • Established Daewang Marine