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Thanks for visitingDaewang's home page

For 40 years and through three generations, Daewang Co.,Ltd remains to be Korea’s best maker of Fish Seasonings.We have acquired the EU certificate and HACCP for export.We have produced Katsuobushi (Dried Shaved Bonito), Katsuobushi-based products, Fish Sauces and Seasonings. Our healthy tuna jerky is a smoked, seasoned product that is made from fresh fish(yello pin).We take pride in our R & D team that always strives to develop new products, and our management team that tirelessly inspects our products for quality and sanitation.Having an extensive experience, we make sure that our products satisfactorily meet your needs.Food experts prefer our easy to prepare products for having a superb taste.We, Daewang, are always delighted to give you foods that bring you joy and give you pleasure.Thank you.

About Daewang

Thanks for visiting Daewang's home page. For 40 years and through three generations, Daewang remains to be Korea's best maker of katsuobushi. Aside from katsuobushi, Daewang also ventures into making sauces, nutritional Supplements, and other katsuobushi-based products. Our healthy tuna jerky.More

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